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WORKSHOP: Risk Management and Non Profit Boards (2/23/17)

Managing risk makes nonprofits healthier, stronger and better able to meet their mission. Taking positive risks fuels growth and innovation. Reducing or eliminating negative risks prevents loss or harm and ultimately strengthens infrastructure and systems. As risk management becomes the subject of greater focus in NYC, Boards need to be able to understand it, identify what their nonprofit is doing now and imagine ways to expand risk management to better meet their organization’s needs.

Key Takeaways:

A framework for nonprofit risk management

Understanding the Board’s role, why Boards should care, and specific steps

Boards can take to manage risk

How to create a culture conducive to risk management

Practical tips on risk assessment and management and opportunities for peer learning

The ideal audience is Executive Directors and Board members. Executive Director and Board Chair pairs are encouraged. Nonprofits of any operating budget are welcome.

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